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Proxy Hosting Plans List Cleaning

I went over the list of companies on the website today in our proxy web hosting plans and removed around 10 plans (6 companies?) that don't seem to have functioning websites anymore. If you have moved/deleted in error, we're sorry, please re-submit with updated info.

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Free Featured Proxies

Proxy Host is going through some testing. So I will give free highlighting or perhaps more (full featured tier 1 or tier 2 status randomly) to the first 25 proxies submitted (1 per user).

To submit a proxy:

1. Register
2. Click 'Submit Content'
3. Choose 'Proxy'
4. Fill out the form and submit!

Thanks for everyone's help in testing.

Welcome to Proxy Host

Welcome to Proxy Host.com. This site just launched today and is still being worked on constantly. If you have any suggestions, comments, or requests please let us know in the forums section.

Proxy Host will be dedicated to covering all your proxy and proxy web hosting needs.