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A serious browser vulnerability, but whose?

serious vulnerability that causes Internet Explorer to launch Firefox and execute a malicious payload is sparking debate about exactly who is responsible for the flaw.

The vulnerability, which was widely reported on security blogs, allows an attacker to remotely execute malicious code on a machine that is running IE but also has the Mozilla browser installed. By luring an IE user to a malevolently crafted site, the attacker can cause Firefox to execute the code without first vetting it for security.

Whose to blame? Perhaps both? Either way, if it weren't dangerous, it would be quite funny.

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How to: protect your privacy onlineā€¦and why

Defending your privacy is not something that can only be achieved through the right software and a good firewall. Often your best defence is common sense and a canny understanding of hacking and criminal technique.

A very interesting and correct article talking about privacy aimed at journalists but can easily be applied to all internet users. Understanding the methods used by hackers and phishers who are trying to expose flaws and steal information about you is a good start to protecting yourself. It is good to see the words common sense again. Common sense and the internet seem to be antonyms as of late.

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