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CCTV in girl's bathroom

A Teenage pupil has been withdrawn from her school after CCTV cameras were installed in the pupils' toilets.

Anthony White, from Llandysul said the cameras at Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi in Ceredigion were an "outrageous invasion" of his daughter Jade's privacy. Jade, 14, said: "I am not going back while the cameras are there. It must be against the law to have them there."

Ok. Not an internet privacy issue, but a more general one. CCTV in the girls bathroom at school? I can't imagine ever looking at a parent in the eye and being able to justify this. I would fear for my physical safety if I did that to them. I don't care what reasoning, no reasoning can logically justify this. Public, private, religious, don't care what kind of school. There HAS TO BE SOME PLACES YOU CANNOT BE WATCHING. Privacy is a fundamental human need and the bathroom should be one of the most sacred places and is in virtually every culture I am familiar with.

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